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Programming Power

Some may not be aware but Telrex have a very robust Application Programming Interface (API) available for the CallRex 4.0 product. CallRex API enables developers to extend the functions of the CallRex software to other applications. This means, in simplistic terms, the API allows CallRex to talk to other applications directly. The benefit of this is that organizations can leverage their investments in disparate applications to create a cohesive union of interaction activities. This also enables the type of automation that helps facilitate processes that might otherwise be susceptible to the shortcomings associated with manual processes.

Consider how a transaction takes place in your business today. Is there a CRM system that captures the events of your sales cycle? Is there yet another application used for order entry? And how about your captured recorded calls, how are they tied to the events in those other applications? How do you get a holistic view of the events that generate revenue for your company?

This is where APIs provide the most value.

Imagine having the ability to go to one place to evaluate the entire scope of emails, recorded calls, and exchanged data of a transaction in your CRM system to better understand why a sale was won or lost. CRM integrations such as that scenario are most common but there are a number of additional uses.

Some other use cases to consider:

  • Start or stop recordings based on events that happen in other applications
  • Automatically associate CRM records with call recoding events
  • Copy calls or links to calls in other databases
  • Recorded calls automatically linked to related project/case files in a document management application
  • Training calls copied to human resource (HR) applications

If some of these ideas have inspired you or you have some other business problem you think the CallRex API can help you solve, contact Telrex to request a free evaluation of CallRex software and to learn how we can help you get started today.

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