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Putting the Voice of the Customer to Work

Call recordings can be used for many different purposes: resolving customer disputes, complying with regulations, increasing security, improving processes, or enhancing employee productivity. Employee training and coaching can also be enhanced by providing the voice of the customer during feedback sessions. Skills like empathy and listening can be included in customer service training sessions, until employees hear the feedback directly from the customers, they may not understand how those skills are put into action.

In his blog post “Customers Serve Us,” author and consultant Scott Thomas demonstrates the power of providing customer comments and the voice of the customer directly to employees. Thomas provides an example of direct customer feedback, stating that delivering the tip directly to the employee helped to make the issue of empathy come alive for them. Thomas states:

Another interesting note is that their manager/supervisor may have told them this a million times and it wouldn’t have near the credibility as the customer saying it.

How can you put the voice of the customer to work for your company? Is your business equipped to record customer interactions and deliver voice recordings with your agent evaluations? We can help you put the voice of the customer to work within your organization. Contact us today to find out how.

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