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Quality Management Suite Supports Cisco Business Edition 6000

IP Call Recording and Quality Management Solution for Cisco Unified Communications Business Edition 6000

It is now even easier for you to deploy Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite (formerly CallRex) software within a virtualized environment! Our ready-to-deploy Quality Management Suite VMWare OVA template for the Cisco Unified Communications Business Edition 6000 (BE 6000) meets all of Cisco’s published configuration requirements. Cisco’s changes to the co-residency policy enables the deployment of our Quality Management Suite with an OVA template on a virtual server located on the BE 6000 hardware.

Using the well-defined guidelines provided by Cisco, our tested OVA template is ready for immediate deployment. Since the Quality Management Server resides on the BE 6000, it eliminates the need for any additional server hardware, and represents tremendous cost savings for you.

Together with the BE 6000, the Quality Management Suite offers midsized businesses an affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable IP call recording and quality management solution. Interaction recording with Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite on Cisco includes support for:

  • Full-time (100%), triggered, or on-demand call recording,
  • Extension mobility,
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous call recordings,
  • Easy storage, search, and retrieval through the Quality Management user interface,
  • Playback of recordings using any standard desktop media application.

Virtually Expand the Value of your BE 6000
We are ready to support you on the BE 6000, offering you a complimentary OVA template to make Quality Management Suite installations a snap. Our Quality Management Suite works seamlessly with the BE 6000, supporting virtualized server environments and offering an affordable quality monitoring and interaction recording solution.

Contact Enghouse Interactive today to request an online product demonstration, price quotes, or access to the OVA template for Quality Management Suite on the BE 6000.

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