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Next Generation of the Quality Management Suite

Today Enghouse Interactive announced the release of our next generation Quality Management Suite version 5.0. I wanted to take to the blogosphere to say a few words (okay, more than a few) that the usual press release format doesn’t really allow me to get away with.

This release and the subsequent releases leading up to it has been two years in the making and marks a significant milestone for those of us who are part of the Quality Management Suite team here at Enghouse Interactive. This release represents what was our initiative, and downright tenacious drive, to continuously evolve the Quality Management product suite to grow with our customers, be easy to use and maintain, and to constantly add more value to a competitively priced offering. If you are wondering where we get our direction and ideas for planning these releases the answer is simple: our customers and partners from all over the globe. That input eventually feeds through to me and I use it to formulate a product plan.

The press release went into some detail on what the new release of Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite (formerly CallRex) covers. Let me expand upon that a little bit here:

We have co-located the separate modules of Enghouse Interactive Call RecordingEnghouse Interactive Agent Evaluation and Enghouse Interactive Computer Recording into a more common tab-driven web interface. This being a little bit more in line with the typical navigation mode of most web browsers. Also by doing this we have been able to centralize the functions for searching and reporting for the entire suite.

Our Computer Recording module has had the heftiest overhaul in this release. We now have extended the functionality to create more customized desktop recording profiles that includes the option to capture only those applications that are important or, if needed, the entire desktop. This flexibility provides the option to focus only on those activities that most critically impact business operations. New profile options give similar configuration options as our call recording profiles and allow business to decide who, what, and when desktop activities are captured and stored.

Our Agent Evaluation module has been extended to take advantage of the new Computer Recording functionality. Now the recorded desktop activities can also be used along with recorded calls to train and evaluate those essential staff members who handle critical customer interactions. This is a powerful and effective way to leverage all insightful interaction activity data that is captured and stored in the Quality Management Suite to make the proactive adjustments needed to help improve staff performance, raise customer satisfaction levels, reduce liability risks, and simply operate more efficiently. For those customers that haven’t yet started using the Agent Evaluation module there is now an even more compelling reason to start.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, in this release we have added some gems for those responsible to maintain and support our Quality Management products for the thousands of businesses around the world. In the 5.0 release we have implemented new system alerting that can monitor for specific failure events and generate notifications instantly to those parties who are charged with keeping the systems up and running. Of course – we hope you won’t ever need that feature, but better safe than sorry. Additionally for the IT\IS teams we have updated our support for infrastructure and operating system components from Microsoft, including new support for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, SQL Server 2012 and Silverlight 5.0.

As you might suspect, we aren’t done working. We have a very aggressive release plan for the rest of this year and going into the 2014 calendar year. If you want to hear more about those plans and see what we are up to next, I suggest you register for our upcoming sneak peek Webinar scheduled for May 23, 2013. During that event I will be going into our plans for the future for the Quality Management Suite. I hope to see you there.

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