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Smile Through Technology at The Credit Union

While credit unions offer many benefits that set them apart from regional and mega banks, the ability to create a personal and engaging member experience is paramount. Trust, communication, member engagement, timely feedback and consistency are priceless tools when it comes to building member confidence and creating brand loyalty. Customer-inspired institutions bake empathy into every product, service and experience. They focus on relevance, and rewarding people in the right ways.

Trust is everything. Trust is what draws in new members and keeps current members happy. One of the easiest ways to build trust is to be available to members at any time, day or night. Accessibility – and effectiveness – of service and support teams to help members solve their problems is a critical step for credit unions to demonstrate their authenticity.

Another important factor in building trust is member security. In a technology based world, member’s information and security should always be a priority. Fostering trust by educating members on the measures credit unions take to ensure their information is secure is a high priority.

Proper communication is the foundation of any successful business relationship. Being accessible to members is the best place to start. Offering ways to make interactions easy whether in person, by phone or through online channels is where Enghouse Interactive comes in. We make certain your employees are equipped to provide guidance and that you have the tools in place to ensure members do not have to repeat themselves. Emphasizing the importance of being a good listener to employees ensures members have an authentic experience, which is best achieved by being sincere and focused on member’s needs.

Another key factor in ensuring a positive member experience is to encourage, accurately track and follow up on member feedback and recommendations. Member feedback is a powerful tool that will allow organizations to set a benchmark to see how they measure up in member’s eyes. Offering incentives to employees and members as a way to increase member feedback and having protocols in place to accurately track and measure feedback received is critical. Following up with members to thank them and acknowledge their input is the icing on the cake.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of consistency when building and retaining a credit union member base. It is imperative to have the right leaders, metrics and accountability models in place to ensure the same experience is being delivered to your members no matter who they deal with. By being reliable and consistent, the trust is built to ensure a positive member experience.

When it comes down to what sets credit unions apart, members are your most valuable asset and trust and transparency are a priority. By keeping the channels of communication open and accessible and encouraging and acting on feedback to enhance your member’s experience institutions can be consistent across the board. Above all, setting a focus on providing an engaged and positive experience for each member every time with the help of Enghouse Interactive is the key to credit union success.

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