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Quality Management Suite Tutorial: Power User Functionality

Version 5.0 of the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite (formerly CallRex) features a unified user interface, offering access to Call Recording, Agent Evaluation, and Computer Recording functionality. The streamlined user interface provides easy-to-use Web-based access to reports, interaction recordings, and evaluation capabilities within a single interface.

View our new tutorial video to learn how to initiate, search, and playback recordings from the intuitive Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite user interface:

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Achieving Your Business Goals

The New Year often inspires us to start fresh, reassess and refocus, or reboot. Lists of resolutions abound! As it usually trends, many businesses use the new calendar (or fiscal) year to build a resolution list of their own. The common denominators on these lists often include worthwhile objectives to be more efficient, provide higher levels of service, and build stronger business relationships.

The good news is that a great number of companies in several industries may be closer to achieving their goals than they realize. Some companies have the solution already in-house!

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