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Tag: contact center operations

Leveraging Hold Time

You and your captive audience deserve better than bread and water!

If your call center is like most call centers, your customers spend some time on hold waiting for a company representative. And likely, your customer’s hold experience is similar to sitting in the dentist’s office… that bland classical music played while waiting for your turn. However, have you noticed that waiting rooms for dentist or doctor offices has changed? Now you get a television with infomercials that entertain, inform and even attempt to sell while you wait. Why don’t call centers do the same with their hold system?

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“Mistakes Were Made…”

A former President of the United States once said “Mistakes were made.” Don’t worry, this isn’t a political blog. “Mistakes were made” is a famous example of writing or speaking in the passive voice. He did not say “They made mistakes” or “We made mistakes.” He said simply “Mistakes were made.”

While passive voice may have its place in the world of objective journalism, politics and scientific publication, when we use this form of writing or speaking in everyday conversation, it generally sounds odd and begs answers to questions.

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