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Take a Tour – Installing and Deploying CallRex Computer Recording

We have published another video demonstration for CallRex Computer Recording software. The newest video, “Installing and Deploying CallRex Computer Recording,” details the process of deploying the CallRex Desktop Agent.

The CallRex Desktop Agent collects information from the user’s computer and sends the data to the CallRex Server and enable live monitoring capabilities. The Desktop Agents are installed and run in stealth mode, and do not interfere with employees’ activities. View the video to learn how Desktop Agents can be deployed to any Windows XP or later computer using Active Directory and the CallRex Client.

CallRex Computer Recording is a desktop analytics software solution that allows managers to record and monitor employee computer activity. When used in concert with a quality monitoring program, managers can view the entire customer interaction to identify areas for improvements to training and business processes. Learn more about CallRex Computer Recording software.

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