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Telrex Announces Enhanced Call Recording Capabilities

CallRex Call Recording software now supports two types of call recording architectures on selected Cisco systems: recording via forked audio or packet sniffing. With forked audio, administrators no longer have to set-up port mirroring within their telephony enviroment. A duplicate audio stream is sent directly from the Cisco IP telephone to the call recording server. Call recording through packet-sniffing technology using Cisco’s Skinny protocol is also available. Learn more.

“Telrex is one of the only vendors to offer customers two methods for call recording, through either forked audio or packet sniffing. Companies know that if they select CallRex Call Recording software, they have a flexible solution to meet all of their call recording needs,” said Robert Kapela, president of Telrex.

The CallRex Call Recording solution recently passed interoperability testing with Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 7.0. The testing was completed at a third-party lab as a part of Telrex’s Solution Developer level membership in the Cisco Developer Network Program.

View the complete press release or learn more about Cisco call recording and call center optimization solutions from Telrex.

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