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The Arthritis Foundation Chooses Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions to Help Improve Call Center Performance

Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform to help The Arthritis Foundation significantly improve call center performance and customer satisfaction ratings.

The Arthritis Foundation offers useful literature and advice from medical experts to help people with arthritis live a better life. In order to streamline its massive amounts of knowledge, to enhance the efficiency of its customer support agents, and to improve the overall performance of its call center, the foundation decided to transition to SmartSupport, Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform.

“Safeharbor is excited to enable The Arthritis Foundation streamline their knowledge management processes and call center performance,” said Wade Pfeiffer, President of Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions. “Initially, The Arthritis Foundation intends to use Safeharbor’s knowledge base platform to share information between all employees as well as to support call center agents on all external interactions.”

The multi-faceted, intelligent search engine capability of SmartSupport will help call center agents research answers quickly and efficiently. Having the capability to find the right answers at the right time is extremely important to agents who rely on vast amounts of company knowledge to assist customers.

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