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The Latest Conference Buzz

After attending IQPC’s Call Center Week and ICMI’s Contact Center Demo & Conference, the resounding message is clear, “above all else, the customer experience reigns supreme.” The magnitude and significance of customer experience was reiterated in a multitude of ways at both events—keynote speakers evangelized it, session leaders focused on it, and contact-center professionals shared their personal experiences with it.

The evolution of the customer experience today and how brands provide service—most notably the emphasis on representing and supporting people, not just a product—was another great highlight. This notion of approaching customers as people who have concerns and emotions, rather than a proverbial number that needs solving, and quickly, is always a refreshing standpoint that bears repeating.

Our favorite part, aside from the endless inspiration, is witnessing the sense of unity and camaraderie at industry conferences. The unique opportunity to get the inside scoop on the operations, challenges, and triumphs faced across the board is an invaluable experience. After attending multiple sessions, participating in enlightening conversations at our booth, and getting to know a lot of wonderful, hard-working people who are striving to make a difference—we walked away with an encouraging outlook on what’s ‘hot’ right now.

Here are some of the customer service topics that generated the most buzz:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Boosting team morale and retention
  • Omni-channel strategy and support
  • Empowering agents with optimized processes
  • Training (especially a multi-skilled workforce)
  • Unifying disparate or silo technologies
  • Balancing self-service with human touch
  • Strategies to create more efficient IVR structures
  • Techniques to successfully adapt to change

While everyone is faced with unique challenges, it was apparent that, from a high-level at least, goals are relatively uniform across contact centers. Personalization, delivering stellar experiences and support, and seeking opportunities to make sure your brand is well represented and your people are well taken care of are definitely among the frontrunners.

Understanding these goals and staying committed to helping your contact center achieve these initiatives is what propels us forward each day. For everyone who stopped by the Enghouse Interactive booth at either IQPC’s Call Center Week or ICMI’s Contact Center Demo & Expo—it was truly a pleasure meeting you! If you didn’t get the chance to stop by or are interested in learning more, check out the many ways we can help you find the best solution(s) for your contact center, here.

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