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Top Tips for Workforce Optimization

How can your company go about ensuring that a workforce optimization solution will achieve a positive ROI? 25 industry professionals weigh in on the topic at View the complete article here. Here is how I answered the question:

1. Understand what features you do and don’t need. Clarify your needs prior to searching for a product so that you don’t get “oversold” into a solution that does more than you require. Many companies spend money unnecessarily on bloated software solutions that do far more than the organization requires. Consider purchasing speech analytics as a service [like CallRex Speech Analytics], for example, so that you don’t have to make major infrastructure investments and you can receive the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

2. Take the software for a test drive. Work with vendors to install trial software so that you can experience the solution firsthand. Is the software easy to use? Was it simple to install? Is the interface intuitive? Can you export call recording files and play them back using standard media software?

3. Consider the qualifications of each vendor – are they certified to integrate with your telephone system? Do the solutions take advantage of the capabilities within your existing PBX? Can the solution grow with your business without requiring a fork-lift upgrade? The ability to integrate with a variety of PBX manufacturers allows your organization to make changes to your telephony infrastructure without having to change business processes or monitoring programs. In addition, selecting certified software means that you can be confident that your solution will take advantage of the telephony solutions that you already have in place.

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