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Using Desktop Analytics to Audit Workflows

Today, Marketing guru Seth Godin posted on his blog about the importance of stepping back and evaluating your work processes. He suggests that you find someone to observe you while working for an hour. Then, say “tell me five ways I can save an hour a day.” This process, Godin argues, will pay for itself in a week.

Godin’s article got me to thinking: What if there was a way for you to efficiently observe work processes without stressing out your agents? What if you could observe work processes in action while also listening to call audio so that you can have a complete picture of what your employee is trying to achieve? You can!

Telrex offers CallRex Computer Recording software, a solution that documents desktop activities. Deployed with CallRex Call Recording software, CallRex Computer Recording enables contact center managers to capture the entire interaction for comprehensive quality monitoring. Using CallRex Computer Recording software, you can unobtrusively and efficiently observe your work processes in action and identify areas where you can streamline your computer activities.

Are You Auditing Workflows Today?
How have you analyzed the computer workflows within your contact center and within your business? What are you doing to optimize your customer interactions while also making your employees more efficient? Would your business benefit from the ability to observe processes in action?

Contact your Enghouse Interactive account manager today to learn how CallRex Computer Recording can enhance your quality management program and  help you observe your workflows today.

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