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Enghouse Interactive Products are Virtually Ready

Please forgive the play on words, but if I captured your attention with my underwhelming title, then “mission accomplished.”

Server virtualization technologies continue to be a major trend in enterprise IT and the benefits extend to interaction management and the contact center. The key value propositions for server virtualization are increased utilization of hardware resources, increased availability of applications and services, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The benefits of virtualization are clear and adoption continues to grow. According to Gartner*: “As of mid-2011, at least 40% of x86 architecture workloads have been virtualized on servers; furthermore, the installed base is expected to grow five-fold from 2010 through 2015 (as both the number of workloads in the marketplace grow and as penetration grows to more than 75%).”

As Moore’s Law continues to multiply the processing power of servers, most applications only use a portion of the available processing cycles but are not designed to run in the same “server space” with other applications. Server virtualization enables a single physical server to host multiple virtual machines which are able to provide the dedicated operating system, execution space and processor cycles that individual applications need, while managing the sharing of a single set of physical resources to ensure optimum utilization of the resources. This enables more applications to run on fewer servers and maximizes the investments in power, cooling, rack space, networking and related infrastructure.

The ubiquity of connectivity and the myriad devices we use for business or leisure has driven our expectations for availability of applications and services to all-time highs. Here again, server virtualization shines in its ability to maximize the availability of access to data, services, and applications while helping minimize the disruptions associated with hardware or application failures regardless of location. Another benefit is the speed with which new applications and users can be deployed – highly valuable in our “now economy.”

Enghouse Interactive’s products are ready to support your company’s existing or future server virtualization initiatives. We have incorporated server virtualization into our core software development processes and environments. Microsoft and VMware are two of the leading vendors of server virtualization technologies with Microsoft Hyper-V and the VMware vSphere family of products. Enghouse Interactive solutions from Arc Solutions, CosmoCom, Datapulse, Syntellect, Telrex, and Trio support server virtualization. Contact your Enghouse Interactive representative for complete details.

Syntellect CIM and Syntellect SCP "VMware Ready"Most recently, Enghouse Interactive achieved “VMware Ready” status with Syntellect CIM and Syntellect Communications Portal (SCP). The VMware Ready program ensures our customers that our products will fit into the long term growth of their virtualization investment, gives them confidence that our products will take full advantage of availability, scalability and security services offered by the VMware virtualization platform and certainty that Enghouse Interactive will fully support our products running on any standard operating system and hardware platform tested and certified by Enghouse Interactive and VMware.

For additional information about Syntellect CIM, SCP or any other Enghouse Interactive application’s support for server virtualization, please contact your Enghouse Interactive representative.

* Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure, 30 June 2011

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